Emma @creativelyglutenfree

Meet Emma

Meet Emma @creativelyglutenfree

Emma is a freelance copywriter, part-time NHS lab assistant and mum to two beautiful girls, aged 3 and 6. She started her Instagram page in 2020, after being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, to share her gluten-free journey.

"I am an advocate of sustainable living and love that Naturya products are 100% natural, organic, and ethically sourced. Naturya’s products are so versatile and a simple and quick way of adding in some more plant-based nutrients into my diet. Due to Coeliac Disease, I still suffer from Anaemia so I love to add Maca, Spirulina and the organic Functional Immunity Blend into my smoothies and breakfasts for an extra iron boost. Life is pretty busy at the moment but in my spare time I love to practice Yoga, read books (mainly classics), take lots of photos, travel and try new foods and recipes."


Emma's favourite quote: “Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too”

Emma's favourite Naturya product: Cashew & Hazelnut Spread

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