Meet Bijal & Vidhya

Meet Bijal & Vidhya

Meet Bijal & Vidhya @yourfoodiessisters


Bijal & Vidhya are two sisters who share their passion for food, cooking and knowing what goes into the food they eat.

"Although we share the same passion for food, in our daytime lives we both work full-time jobs as an HR & Finance professional. 

We created @yourfoodiesisters as a platform on Instagram to inspire people to fall in love with cooking again. We love creating recipes that are easy to make at home and nourishing. So we take every opportunity to boost our recipes with nutrient-dense ingredients such as Naturya superfoods, and to share them with our followers."


Bijal & Vidhya's favourite quote: Experiences are the only things that make you richer.

Bijal & Vidhya's favourite Naturya product: organic Cacao Nibs

Discover Bijal's & Vidhya's Favourite Superfood

Cacao Nibs - 125g Pouch