5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Naturya's Superfood Organic Hot Chocolate

5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Naturya's Superfood Organic Hot Chocolate

Ready to explore new horizons with your Naturya Superfood Organic Hot Chocolate? We've got you covered with five creative and easy recipes to transform your hot chocolate experience.


  1. Mocha Morning Delight:

Combine a shot of espresso with Naturya Hot Chocolate for a luxurious mocha. It’s the perfect morning energy booster!


  1. Spiced Hot Chocolate:

Add a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a pinch of cayenne pepper to your Hot Chocolate for a spicy twist that warms you up from the inside.


  1. Hot Chocolate Superfood Smoothie:

Blend 4 heaped teaspoons of Hot Chocolate with 300ml of your favourite milk, a banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a handful of spinach for a nutritious and delicious smoothie.


  1. Hot Chocolate Porridge:

Stir a spoonful of Naturya Hot Chocolate into your morning porridge for a chocolatey start to your day, topped with fresh fruits, Naturya Cacao Nibs or Cacao Crunch Breakfast Boost.


  1. Chilled Hot Chocolate Popsicles:

Freeze your Hot Chocolate in moulds with a stick for a refreshing summer treat. Add berries, or nuts for extra texture.


These recipes are just the beginning of what you can do with Naturya's Superfood Organic Hot Chocolate. Experiment, enjoy, and share your creations with us by tagging us on Instagram!