5 plants to boost your protein intake

5 plants to boost your protein intake

If you’re following a plant-based diet, there are plenty of sources of plant protein to build muscle and maintain an active body including these 5 superfoods.

Barleygrass powder

Thought to have been enjoyed by the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Barleygrass is one of the world’s most ancient crops. The young shoots are cut during their peak growth phase when they are still free from gluten and nutrient levels are at their highest.

Looking for a new way to reinvent your go-to hummus recipe? Containing 18g of protein per 100g, adding Barleygrass powder loads hummus with even more protein to help you feel energised.

Chlorella powder

Who knew that algae could be so rich in protein? Chlorella is a 2 billion-year-old micro algae and one of the oldest living organisms on the planet. Growing in freshwater pools, it is intensely rich in protein (containing 61%).

Stir Chlorella powder into pesto for an easy and super quick pasta sauce that is rich in protein and tastes delicious too.

Hemp Protein powder

Our Hemp Protein powder is made from cold-pressed hemp seed. High in plant protein (containing 49% protein) which helps to build lean muscle, maintain energy levels and aid recovery.

It also provides all 20 amino acids including the 9 essential amino acids. These 9 essential amino acids are ones the human body cannot synthesise itself and so they must be obtained from our diets instead.

Deliciously nutty in flavour, Hemp Protein powder is perfect for blending into your post-workout smoothie.

Want to reap the benefits of hemp with your breakfast? Discover our Cacao Maca and Coconana Chia Overnight Oats boosted with hemp protein powder. 


Spirulina powder

The bioactive giant, Spirulina, has grown on the planet for over 2.4 billion years. This ancient algae is a planet-friendly source of protein, cultivated sustainably in fresh water pools under warm sunlight.

Spirulina powder contains an impressive 67% protein, that means each 15g serving contains 10g of protein! Stir spirulina into a cleansing soup, packed with green goodness and creamy avocado.

Wheatgrass powder

Although lower in protein, Wheatgrass still contains an impressive 20g of protein per 100g. When cultivated, the young shoots are cut during their peak growth phase so that they are still free from gluten and to retain the highest nutrient levels.

Be creative and stir a spoonful of Wheatgrass into your guacamole to support your energy and maintain your muscles.


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