Naturya Flavoured Plant Protein

Decide which SuperProtein blend works best for you

Whether you’re new to protein powders in general or just to our SuperProtein blends, you may still be wondering which SuperProtein flavour you might like the best and/or how to use itAfter all, your taste buds should be having a party every time you enjoy something sweet! Well, we won’t keep you waiting for the answer; however, it is not as simple as you may have thought. 

We spent some time listening to our customers, testing and tasting our SuperProtein blends, and we have come to understand that all of our SuperProtein blends are equally good in their own waysThey’re all packed full of body-nourishing plant protein to support your muscle, iron to energise the body, and manganese to contribute to the maintenance of normal bone health. They also taste heavenly delicious along with complementary ingredients in smoothies, bakes and much more.  

To help you figure out which SuperProtein blend you should try first and how to make the most of their unique flavours we put together a guide on each of the SuperProtein flavours.  


   1. organic Acai Strawberry SuperProtein 

Flavour profile: This protein blend delivers soft hints of strawberry along with subtle tropical notes of acai berry.  

Works best in: berry smoothies, along with plant-based milk, frozen berries, banana and plant-based yoghurt for a creamy texture. 

Our team loves it in: a delicious smoothie made with coconut & almond milk, spirulina, banana and lucuma powder to energise in the morning or have a quick meal on a busy afternoon.  


    2. organic Banana Baobab SuperProtein

Flavour profile: This protein blend is made with real organic banana powder, delivering a creamy delicate fruity flavour. 

Works best in: pancakes, breakfast bowls and white energy balls. 

Our team loves it in: a refreshing smoothie made with coconut water, ripe banana and frozen berries or a kid-friendly immunity drink made with frozen spinach, avocado and plant-based milk. 


   3. organic Cacao Maca SuperProtein

Flavour profile: Our Cacao Maca SuperProtein has a distinctly chocolate-caramel flavour, with overtones of vanilla.  

Works best in: hot drinks, smooth or crunchy dessert balls, and porridge. 

Our team loves it in: cherry and chocolate smoothies, hot chocolate, or Cacao & Hazelnut protein porridge. 


Now that you’ve got a better idea of the goodness hiding inside each of our SuperProtein tubs, all you have to do is start experimenting. There are dozens of superfood recipes on our website, which could be boosted with SuperProtein powders. Getting enough protein from your diet is important for the synthesis of numerous hormones such as those that make us happy and relaxed. Protein also supports our immune system and boosts our metabolism which helps us stay lean at any stage of life. Moreover, it helps to build and repair muscle tissue after physical activity.  


So go ahead and try adding Acai Strawberry SuperProtein to an Acai Bowl or an Anti-ageing Acai Berry SmoothieBanana Baobab SuperProtein to a Pineapple & Wheatgrass Smoothie or Mint Choc Chip Smoothie, and Cacao Maca SuperProtein to Bliss Balls or a Chocolate Smoothie Bowl!