Here’s why you should be adding turmeric to your latte

Here’s why you should be adding turmeric to your latte

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) has been revered for over 4000 years in South-East Asian culture and is renowned for its use in ancient wellbeing systems. With its impressive nutritional profile, it’s not surprising that the ancient spice is now being used to create creamy golden lattes.

The whole root of turmeric can be used but more commonly, it is ground up into a powder, dried and added to a variety of recipes including our Turmeric SuperBlend, a vibrant blend of turmeric, maca, lucuma powders and warming spices.

What are the benefits of turmeric?

Curcumin, the key active compound in turmeric, has been linked to reducing inflammation in the body which is related to many illnesses. Turmeric is also good for the gut as it increases gut flora (the healthy bacteria) aiding in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

To enhance the body’s ability to absorb turmeric and maximise the health benefits, we have added other ingredients to our Turmeric SuperBlend including superfood powders malty tasting maca and caramelly lucuma, and warming spices of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper.

Unfortunately, Curcumin isn’t easily absorbed by the body, but a complex in pepper called piperine blocks your liver from filtering it too quickly. Essentially, piperine keeps the turmeric in your body longer so you can actually reap the benefits.

Our Turmeric SuperBlend is an incredibly rich source of iron which contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and supports normal oxygen transport in the body. Iron also nourishes the mind, boosting concentration and supports a healthy immune system. It is also high in manganese which protects against oxidative stress and maintains healthy bones. Both Iron and manganese also contribute to energising the body and reducing fatigue.

How do I use it?

Our Turmeric SuperBlend is perfect for stirring into warm milk or a plant-based alternative for a delicious turmeric latte. It can also be sprinkled into curries to provide an intense flavour, added to savoury baking recipes or mixed with mango juice for a refreshing drink.

For a warming drink this winter, try our Turmeric Superlatte recipe or for something more indulgent, our Coconut Sugar Masala Chai.