Start creating your perfect winter morning routine

Start creating your perfect winter morning routine

Are you an early bird who loves the morning and the calm moments it brings before the hustle and the bustle of the day, or does the thought of a 5:30 am start fill you with dread?

Perhaps you’re a mixture of both, but either way, we all know that as the days grow colder and shorter in the winter it can be increasingly difficult to wake up and stay motivated.

Implementing a strong routine for the first few moments of your day can certainly help to set you up for positivity and productivity. Read on for some useful tips and additions you can add to your mornings to help you cope with the winter.

A morning boost

For many, a morning would not be complete without a cup of coffee. Although there are alternatives that could give you the same boost, we hear you, you need it. Your morning coffee can also double as one of the healthiest parts of your diet with one simple addition - a heaped teaspoon of our Mushroom Superblend.

A nourishing combination of dried Duan log-grown red reishi mushrooms, as well as maitake and shitake, our blend is a convenient and versatile way to realise the benefits of foods that have been recognised and celebrated in far eastern culture for 1000s of years.

You can now easily fulfil your daily requirement of vitamin D with just one cup of coffee! Adding this to your morning routine will support your immune system up until Christmas and through to March. Furthermore, knowing that one of the first things you’ve done is protecting and taking care of yourself can be incredibly empowering.

This also means all the vitamin D you acquire throughout the rest of the day is a bonus, only further fortifying your immunity. This leads to the next addition…

Hydrate your body

After 7-8 hours spent asleep without any water, it is extremely important to rehydrate. A big glass of water will be welcomed by your body, increasing awareness, supporting your brain, and jump-starting your metabolism.

Better yet, start your day with a glass of chia water. This simple combination provides a rich source of fibre helping to support your digestion and improve bowel movement throughout the day. If you’re looking to maintain a healthy weight, a properly functioning digestive system is essential.

Incorporate superfoods into your breakfast

Superfoods are an incredibly convenient way to add essential nutrients to your breakfast. Our spirulina powder can turn a regular smoothie into one bursting vitamin A and B2, whilst our functional cognition blend can fill a bowl of porridge with nutrients such as iron, manganese and copper.

Avoid refined sugars

Importantly, you should try to avoid refined sugars in your breakfast although these may seem necessary to give you a boost, it is often short-lived and will leave you lethargic for the rest of the day. Swapping refined sugars for coconut sugar or lucuma powder will provide a more sustained boost as well as a source of iron, potassium and fibre.


Extra Ideas to Add to Your Routine

Don’t look at your phone – reduces distractions and helps you to remain focused.

Movement – gets the blood pumping around your body and helps you feel awake.

Meditation – helps to relax and reduce stress.

Reflection and journaling – allow you to track your goals and reflect when your mind is at its clearest and most awake.

Learn and grow – read a biography or listen to an audiobook.

Above all else, a morning routine sets the tone for a positive day and makes you feel in control. This allows you to stay motivated and full of energy. It’s also important to remember that everyone is different, so find the routine that works best for you!