Prepare your immune system for the cold weather

Prepare your immune system for the cold weather

Taking steps to support the normal functioning of your immune system becomes more important as autumn settles in.

We recommend that you take a holistic look at your daily habits to see how these may affect your body’s natural defence against infection and illness well in advance of the cold and flu season.

Immunity: a sophisticated and complex system

Our immune system is one of the human body’s most sophisticated and complex physiological mechanisms. However, we seldom notice our immune system until it goes off balance and we get sick.

Age, poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, disease and decreased mobility can weaken the immune system, which is why keeping it well-balanced through eating a healthy diet is vital.

Superfoods for supporting your immune system

When it comes to improving immunity, foods rich in vitamin C are a popular choice. However, foods rich in other nutrients such as vitamin A, B6, B12 and D and minerals like copper, iron, selenium and zinc are also essential to strengthening the immune system.

So, what would be best to eat? A balanced diet includes fruit and vegetables (go for a variety of colours and choose seasonal if possible), whole grains (brown rice, buckwheat, oats), pulses (beans, peas and lentils), nuts and seeds - when it comes to picking which foods though, Superfoods are a clear winner as they are nutrient-dense and nourishing for your body.

The important role of Superfoods

A busy lifestyle can often seem to get in the way of reaching for a variety of naturally nutrient-dense foods. Superfoods are foods that are significantly higher in nutrients than many alternatives and are possibly the most convenient, versatile and delicious way to ensure you’re getting a healthy, balanced diet filled with vital nutrients and minerals.

Superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, mushroom, turmeric, chia seeds and acai berries have unusually high levels of nutrients, which makes them ideal for increasing your vitamin and mineral intake while living a busy lifestyle.

Top Superfoods for staying well this winter

There are a few Superfoods that are a go-to for balancing immunity including chlorella which is naturally high in vitamin D and B12, along with wheatgrass which provides a great source of iron whilst being high in protein.

With so many amazing superfoods available, the choice can be overwhelming! To make things a little easier to digest we’ve created a range of great-tasting superfood blends to nourish your body.

As we approach winter, our Immunity Blend is the perfect daily addition to your juice and smoothies to help support your immunity. This is ideal for adding into smoothies or a glass of orange juice to ensure you’re meeting your daily required intake in one simple step.