The Benefits of Organic

We are often told that eating organically grown food is good for our health and is better for us than conventionally grown goods. At Naturya we offer a wide range of organically grown and ethically sourced superfoods and so we would like to tell you a bit more about the benefits of choosing organic when possible.

  • Contains fewer pesticides: non-organic farming often exposes goods to up to 300 pesticides and herbicides known to damage our health and our environment. Organic agriculture does not allow the use of any synthetic pesticides and only ones derived from nature are used, making them better for the crops, the planet and for our bodies.
  • They are GMO-free: food that has been certified organic means that it has not been genetically modified in anyway as GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are strictly prohibited on organic farms.
  • It is nutritionally different: a study published by the British Journal of Nutrition found a significant difference between the nutritional profile of organic and non-organic produce. According to the study organic produce contained 18% - 69% more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables farmed under non-organic conditions.
  • Better for the environment: organic farms place a lot of importance on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural practices and make every effort to protect natural resources by using safe ways of handling and treating the soil to reduce damage, as soil is a non-renewable resource.

That is why at Naturya we do our very best to source our products and ingredients from organic and ethical farms to ensure that we offer the highest quality of goods and that the farms that supply us are making every effort to look after their workers and the environment.

For more information on the benefits of organic food and what exactly goes into the certification of organic products please take a look at the Soil Association’s website, the UK’s primary organic certification body.