Palm oil free vegan spreads

We're officially World's First Certified Palm Oil Free Superfood Company

We have recently become the World’s First Certified Palm Oil Free Superfood Company

This marks a positive step towards sustainability within the superfoods industry whilst demonstrating Naturya’s dedication to improving personal health, the wellbeing of the planet and the welfare of animals. It also goes to show an ongoing commitment to providing top quality superfoods whilst maintaining 100% transparency throughout our supply chain.  

The new International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark, a world first, has been approved to certify products around the world. 

The Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark was developed to aid consumers in finding products which have been assessed by an independent, registered and approved Certification Trademark and found to be genuinely palm oil and palm oil derivative free. It was also developed to create a new funding stream to help our partner organisations on the ground working to protect rainforests and all they contain. POFCAP is helping accelerate the movement towards a more sustainable and palm oil free future.  

Becoming the world’s first certified palm oil free Superfood brand marks a significant step toward our sustainability commitments and enables our customers to make a positive choice, not only for themselves and their health, but for the planet as well. 

Our decision to gain certification comes after the launch of our brand-new vegan nut butter spreads. The range features crunchy hazelnut spread with a rich chocolate flavour thanks to the addition of cacao, along with a smooth cashew and hazelnut spread with a delightful caramel flavour thanks to lucuma powder.  

Why is Palm oil so bad?  

The ingredients you choose to leave out of your products are sometimes just as important as the ones that you put in. This is certainly the case for palm oil.  

Palm oil is a key contributor to habitat destruction, deforestation and species extinction. A global crisis and a true tragedy. Palm oil is one of the most versatile oils in the world, used in everything from hair and face products to crisps and chocolate. Its applications stretch so far and wide, to meet global demand, forests have been burned down and destroyed at alarming rates. Unfortunately, this has resulted in extreme losses in biodiversity and left millions of animals who once resided in the forests stranded without a home. 

Many nut butters sold in the UK unfortunately still contain palm oil or palm oil derivatives, whilst some companies may also claim to be palm oil free but still contain traces of palm oil in stabilisers such at E471. POFCAP’s independent testing of products and certification trademark means you can be assured no palm oil has been used anywhere in the production of certified products.