Meet Elentay

Meet Elentay

Meet Elentay @Elentay

Elentay is a superfood enthusiast, who gets her daily motivation from feeling healthy.

"I love to know that the things I’m putting into my body are good for me or have some benefit. Superfoods are such a great nutritional addition to my everyday goal of being healthy. That's why I've been adding Naturya superfoods to my juices and smoothie for a while now. I always make sure to stock up on my favourite products including vegan Cashew & Hazelnut spread, organic Chia seeds, and  organic Maca powder."


Elentay's favourite quote: Health is wealth.

Elentay's favourite Naturya products: organic Maca powder and organic Lucuma powder


Discover Elentay's Favourite Superfood

Maca powder - 300g Pouch