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Meet Tinne

Meet Tinne - @tinnegilis

Tinne Gilis is a professional squash player currently world ranking #18.

"I believe anything is possible if I put in the work and keep dedication and passion. In the last couple of years, I've been navigating more towards natural products, because I realised it makes me feel better. I think everyone should take more care of the planet and using natural products is definitely a good start.

Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day and adding superfood such as Naturya’s products makes it even better. I love breakfast so much that sometimes I wake up hungry early in the morning, so I get up and eat my breakfast to go straight back to bed afterwards!"

Tinne's favourite quote: Eating good will always give you more energy, improve and boosts your mood.

Tinne's favourite Naturya product: Maca Powder

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