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Smoothies - an essential part of a healthy diet? Suzi's journey

Known as the ‘smoothie queen’ by the team at Naturya, our Naturya Ambassador Suzi has been loyal to her daily smoothie routine for over 9 years. Today she shared with us the story of why she started her superfood smoothie journey, hoping that you’ll relate to the reasons why she swears by having smoothies as part of a healthy lifestyle.

“Although my diet has changed throughout the years, the one thing I’ve been consistent with is drinking green smoothies and using superfoods.

Before I found my passion for healthy living, I was indulging in the standard western diet. I had fruits and vegetables sparingly and a whole lot of processed foods, sugary snacks, greasy fried foods, all washed down by fizzy drinks and excessive amounts of alcohol.

Without even realising, maintaining good health was not my priority. All until I became sick, tired and drained. My diet and lifestyle were putting stress on both my body and my mental wellbeing. I was finding it difficult to shed weight and keep clear skin. I had no energy and I suffered from anxiety and stress.

That is when I decided that it was high time for a change. I basically got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. So I decided to start taking care of my body and become more health-conscious. I dedicated my time to researching ways to achieve and maintain optimal health. It didn’t take long until I realised that there’s a strong connection between our diet & lifestyle choices and the quality of our lives.

Once I understood this, there was no going back for me. I started to implement new ways and formed habits that enhanced my health such as drinking more water, exercising more regularly and replacing the processed foods I used to consume with fruit, vegetables and plant-based wholefood meals.

Looking for more delicious plant-based ways to boost my nutrient intake, I also started watching a lot of health channels on Youtube. One day I came across a Youtuber who was taking his passion for green smoothies to a whole new level. The convenience and look of the smoothies appealed to me so I bought a blender and started making green superfood-boosted smoothies. As soon as I noticed the health benefits, I was eager to try other colourful superfood powders too.

It doesn’t matter what diet you follow, eating more fruits and vegetables and including superfoods in your diet is always going to benefit your body and improve your health in so many ways!”

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