How to smoothly transition to a plant-based diet - Harpreet's Journey

How to smoothly transition to a plant-based diet - Harpreet's Journey

Our ambassador Harpreet has always been fascinated about food- the way it brings people together, the way it can trigger a memory, the way flavours combine and create magic: 

For me, the kitchen is the heart of the home – it’s where everyone congregates, and it holds a big part of my most cherished moments.  

Growing up with a diverse background, she was surrounded by the explosive cultural flavours of Indian, African and Caribbean cuisine; all of which "tasted like ‘home’ and are often naturally plant-based".

"Spending time with my elders and learning the ropes of recipes that have been passed down generations was priceless, but the more I learnt, the more I started becoming conscious about food as a whole.  

Being heavily involved in sports such as netball, athletics and gymnastics from a young age, it was important to be mindful of what I fuelled myself with, and meat was pretty much the only source of protein I was familiar with.

I understood what being vegetarian was, but never knew about the plant-based lifestyle until I came across an hour-long presentation on YouTube called 101 Reasons To Go Vegan.

I immediately knew I wanted to switch to a vegan diet. I went cold turkey initially, but I found it difficult to maintain as I didn’t have much of an idea of what I was doing. So, I took baby steps, from being a pescatarian to becoming a vegetarian.  

During this time, I became obsessed with learning about the plant-based diet and its benefits towards health and fitness; the increased activity performance, the nutrients, the vitamins, the connection to your mind, body and soul – literally everything. It’s also how I stumbled across superfoods, which are always present in the majority of my meals now!  

After all, we are what we consume, and by March 2016, I felt like I knew enough to become fully plant-based and never looked back – it was the beginning of my long journey towards plant-based living and better health.  

Giving up all the foods I grew up on though, was out of the question! This is when I started recreating childhood favourites with a health twist 

My goal was to veganise the non-vegan meals, while also making them super healthy and delicious! I wanted to make dishes that weren't judged by the fact they’re plant-based, but by the flavour and how they make you feel.  

It's been quite a discovery journey, and I can honestly say I've never felt better! 

I'm enjoying this process of growth through learning, and I truly believe that knowledge is key to becoming the best version of yourself."

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