mother's day celebration

Our Ambassadors' thoughts on Mother's Day and motherhood

For this year’s Mother’s Day, our Ambassadors shared with us their thoughts on motherhood and some very exciting tips on how to maintain energy levels and boost your mood so you can be the best version of yourself even when time is limited.

They revealed some must-know tips on how to successfully combine self-care, healthy eating, and being a loving mother, as well as their favourite part about being a mum, which will certainly make your heart melt.


I have 4 kids aged 7 and under, so motherhood can get messy at times! Of course it’s wonderful, magical and rewarding but it’s also physically, mentally and emotionally demanding!

Therefore, it’s absolutely vital that I nourish myself with energy fuelling foods and mood supporters so that I can always be the best version of myself for me and for my kids. Nourishing foods are a massive self-care gift to myself because food has the power to affect how you feel and function…whether you survive or you truly thrive.

In fact, I believe that you’re looking after so much more than just yourself when you opt for nutrient-dense foods such as superfoods. The positive effects they can have on your wellness will have a ripple effect on those around you too. For busy working parents, food needs to be functional – it needs a real purpose and benefit AND it needs to be quick and simple. That’s why I am a massive fan of the Naturya range –  it really supports modern day mamas in finding balance, energy, calm, better sleep and so much more.

Some of the must-have superfoods that I keep in my pantry for their energy and mood-boosting properties are Cacao, Superfood Greens, Mushroom Superblend, Turmeric Superblend and Maca.

It’s also really important for me to find time for getting outdoors in nature – it really grounds me and helps me feel calm, centred and alive. I also love yoga and HIIT – movement really is medicine for the mind.

On those days when I don’t have much time, I like to micro-dose on self-care. That means that I allow myself 1 or 2 minutes for any of my ‘power pause tools’ such as micro-grounding, essential oils, breathwork tools, gratitude, positive re-frames, affirmations. They help me de-stress, stay calm and re-energise.

My favourite part about being a mum — The sweet smell of newborn babies, the tiny fingers and toes, wispy hairs, eyelashes, toddler belly giggles, watching them be absolutely fearless, the pride you feel when they do amazing things, seeing the love my kids have for one another, snuggling, watching them sleep, their little chubby hands in mine, their plans to improve the world…all of these precious moments that make you forget about the sleepless nights, the tears and tantrums!


Krupali @thefoodiemamma

Pregnancy and motherhood have taught me a lot about how to nourish myself and my family. I really enjoy making healthy breakfasts for my daughter on the weekends and she loves watching me cook and playing with ingredients like a little foodie! 

Naturya Chia Seeds have featured in her meals from early on in her weaning journey and it makes me so happy to feed her with healthy ingredients! 

I also work full time so I find the best way to keep myself energised is with a good smoothie or breakfast oats! I pack my fruit & veg smoothies with Functional Blends and my oats with Maca and Cacao powders to really lift my mood and keep me satisfied. 

My favourite part of being a mum has been to watch my daughter grow, explore and learn, it’s completely magical and her kisses and cuddles melt my heart every single day!


Josephine @_josephineelaine

Since becoming a mama two years ago, I’ve found such a strong passion for food and nutrition. It started when I was doing research on what my 6 month old’s first food should be. We decided there and then that as a family, that we would eat mostly whole foods. Since we’d been vegan for nearly 6 years by this time, eating a diet high in vegetables, fruits & legumes wasn’t anything new to us - but we wanted to be the leading example to our little one & show her what foods nourish her body and help her grow.

As a family, we believe in the saying ‘eat good to feel good’, meaning we don’t restrict ourselves at all, instead we favour eating delicious whole plant foods & implementing superfoods into every meal.

It’s as simple as making a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, but sprinkling some Chia seeds & some fresh fruit on top. Instead of reaching for a sweet snack from the supermarket, we make it ourselves, using Coconut Sugar in place of refined sugar and our a variety of superfood powders including Cacao, Maca, and Spirulina.

The littles ones always get involved in the making of the food. It’s fun for them and they're learning about the importance of nourishing their body from a young age. My little one loves helping me make green smoothies - she even eats spoons of Spirulina straight out the packet! 

Sometimes, finding time to make a nutritionally-whole meal is hard. That's why I often choose to make double portions for dinner. This way we can have leftovers for lunch the next day which is a huge time saver.

Being a mama is definitely the most difficult job I’ve ever had to do, but I have learnt SO much in the past two years: about myself, about nutrition & about making sustainable parenting choices. But the best part of being a mama, by far, is watching your little human learn something new every single day & seeing them be amazed by the simplest things.


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