turmeric superblend spiced vegan porridge

Turmeric Spiced Porridge Oats

Prep Time: 2 mins | Cook Time: 5 mins | Serves: 1

You’re guaranteed to fall in love with these deliciously warming and cosy Turmeric Spiced Porridge Oats created by Naturya Ambassador and Nutrition Health Coach, Louise. The mellow spices of our Turmeric SuperBlend work in absolute harmony with the texture and warmth of porridge oats. They also provide a range of nutrients and health benefits.

“By itself turmeric has an impressive nutritional profile but to maximise its health benefits the Naturya team have created a ‘Turmeric SuperBlend’ which also includes cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, maca and lucuma. This delicious blend of ancient spices with additional adaptogen power will help bring you calm and peace as well as supporting energy and immunity.”



  • Add oats and milk to a small saucepan and bring the mixture to a simmer. 
  • Cook on low heat, stirring occasionally until the oats are nice and soft and have absorbed the milk. 
  • Add organic Turmeric SuperBlend and agave syrup and cook for about 30 more seconds.
  • Pour into a bowl and add your toppings!


Made using

Turmeric SuperBlend - 250g Pouch
Cacao Nibs - 125g Pouch