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Combat fatigue naturally with Emma @emmablondevoyage

If there’s one person who can share a lot about fatigue and how to overcome it naturally, that is surely our ambassador Emma @emmablondevoyage. 

Fatigue is common in today’s society due to the nature and fast pace of our lifestyle; quite often referred to as ‘burn out’ which you have probably heard of. However, there is a very wide spectrum of severity when it comes to fatigue. Mild fatigue or burn out is where you are able to fully function and live a mostly normal life, but you feel exhausted all the time. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis), can leave people extremely debilitated and not able to live normally. People with this illness are considered to have a very poor quality of life. “ 

Emma suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) for many years, during which she was rarely able to receive advice or guidance on how to overcome it. Eventually, she started a recovery journey that proved to be very effective over the last few years. If learning how to naturally improve your energy levels sounds like something you could benefit from, read through the blog below to discover Emma’s top 3 tips to help regain vitality and strength, prevent exhaustion and become fatigue free! 

1. Rule out deficiencies!  

Ask your GP to check your Vitamin D or B12 levels - deficiencies of these important vitamins can lead to excessive fatigue, tiredness and lack of energy. You can supplement with Vitamin D if you are deficient and have regular B12 injections if you have a B12 deficiency. Make sure your Vitamin D supplement also contains Vitamin K. Vitamin D absorbs calcium more effectively in the presence of Vitamin K. One 5g teaspoon of our organic Mushroom Superblend contains your daily recommended dose of vitamin D, while our organic Chlorella powder and Spirulina and Chlorella tablets are fantastic sources of B12. 


2.  Identify and remove toxins from your home!  

Toxic overload is one of the most frequent causes of fatigue. The majority of us are bombarded with environmental toxins on a day to day basis: 

  • Pesticides 
  • Poor air quality 
  • Artificial chemicals in our cleaning products and toiletries 
  • Foods with added hormones and so much more. 

Our bodies are not designed to detox the amount of toxins we are constantly exposed to in today’s environment. So, these toxins accumulate overtime and create a burden on our bodies. This burden of toxins becomes a drain on our energy resources as the amount of toxins entering our body are much higher than our bodies are able to satisfactorily detoxify.  

By removing toxins from your home and swapping to toxin free, natural alternatives (e.g. eco-friendly cleaning products, organic foods, chemical free natural make-up products) you will lessen the toxic load on your bodyCombine this with a few detoxification methods (e.g. eliminate alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, saturated fats, eat plenty of fibre, take vitamin C supplements) and treatments (e.g. deep breathing, dry brushing, sauna, exercise) and you will surely see improvements in energy levels as toxic load will reduce over time.  

Try replacing coffee with Naturya organic Energy functional blend or organic Cognition functional blend

Boost your vitamin C intake with Naturya organic Immunity blend. 


3.  Add superfoods to your diet!  

Most often when people experience fatigue, it is because their mitochondria (the part of cells responsible for making energy) are not working effectively and efficiently. This could be due to toxicity, infections or nutritional deficiencies. By adding superfoods to your diet you are ensuring your body, tissues and cells are getting everything they need to produce energy effectively.  

Incorporating Spirulina, Acai, Chlorellaflaxseeds and plant protein powders into your daily diet is a great step towards supporting your body’s natural detox system. You can easily add Naturya’s superfoods in smoothies, breakfast porridges, bakes and in delicious healthy drinks! 

Keep an eye on our blog to discover more of Emma’s tips on how to improve daily energy levels! 

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