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How to fuel an active lifestyle with superfoods

Our Naturya Ambassador Charlotte, is a part-time yoga teacher living a busy lifestyle, yet she never fails to amaze us with her positivity and great energy.

Discover her favourite natural and time-saving ways to boost her mood and maintain such a great energy.

Refuel between workouts with the Naturya SuperProtein Blends

As a yoga teacher, it’s really important for me to keep up my energy throughout the day as I regularly teach first thing in the morning and at the end of the working day. This requires me to do at least two flows (sometimes 3!) a day in addition to keeping up my regular personal practice. This can be quite demanding on my body and the joints in particular! So what I put into my body is super important to help me re-charge and refuel between yoga sessions and workouts.

As I personally follow a plant-based diet, finding the right kind of protein blend for me is vital. That’s why I make sure to look at how it is sourced, manufactured and of course the taste! I’ve been using Naturya SuperProtein Blends for nearly half a year and I’ve been super impressed with how much energy it gives me and also loving the three delicious flavours!

Giving me that extra 15g of protein every day helps to increase muscle mass and strength as well as recover and support my muscles in between workouts. The manganese in the blend contributes to the maintenance of my bones, which is essential for a yoga teacher.

I like to refuel with a pre-lunch snack, usually a mix of water, plant-based milk and two scoops of the Cacao Maca SuperProtein Blend, which gives me that sweet chocolate kick!

I also like to use the Plant SuperProtein Blends on my rest days to give my muscles that extra aid of protein when they are relaxed. However, you’ll usually catch me doing a non-intensive yoga flow on my rest days to keep my body flexible and stretched. This helps me to reduce any stiffness or inflammation in my joints.


Boosting my coffee with superfoods

Without fail, I’ll always have my morning cup of coffee right after my yoga flow. I love to try different blends and flavours and visit my coffee machine on the regular. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with mixing flavours from the comfort of my own kitchen more than ever.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am also a HUGE chocolate lover and finding good vegan chocolate alternatives hasn’t been the easiest. However, I came across the Naturya organic Cognition chocolate Functional blend and thought, why not make my very own homemade mocha? Coffee & chocolate together is a little slice of heaven for me! Packed with manganese & potassium to help protect cells against oxidative stress and support the nervous system as well as an intense chocolate flavour, the organic Cognition blend makes the perfect addition to my daily coffee.

If you’re not a chocolate fan but still like that sweet kick to your coffee, then you can also try the super tasty Naturya organic Maca powder with your cup of coffee. Deliciously sweet and malty, organic Maca powder provides iron and vitamin B2 to help strengthen your immune system and boost your metabolism.

You can access Charlotte's free yoga flows and get plant-based living inspiration on her youtube channel Hello Spirit Yoga

Discover Charlotte's favourite superfood

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