Meet Nikki

Meet Nikki

Nikki is a Maltese foodie living and studying a BSc in Nutrition in London. Her love for food and health began a few years ago when she had developed Coeliac disease.

"With limited options to eat, being on what felt like such a restrictive diet only enabled me to get more adventurous with food and become creative in the kitchen, whilst also finding a passion in Nutrition.

I did not only discovered a whole new way of eating but also gained invaluable knowledge regarding the importance of fuelling my body with adequate nutrition. Since then, I have travelled the world tasting a variety of cuisines. This inspired me to take each experience into my kitchen where I experiment with creating healthier yet still delicious alternatives to what I ate around the world.

I always boost my meals with Naturya superfoods because Naturya's ethos really aligns with my ethics and values. All of the products include high quality ingredients that are sourced ethically, with care for the environment. "

Nikki's Favorite Quote: “You’re vibe attracts your tribe”

Nikki's Favorite Naturya Products: Vegan Spreads and White Mulberries

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