Super Green Vanilla Protein Pancakes

Super Green Vanilla Protein Pancakes

Prep Time: 7-10 Minutes | Cook Time: 20-30 Minutes | Serves: 2

These Super Green Vanilla Pancakes are absolutely packed full of protein and superfoods including hemp, chlorella, spirulina and baobab! This super easy recipe for vegan and gluten-free pancakes can be whipped up in half an hour and topped with our Cashew & Hazelnut Superfood Spread and Superberries Breakfast Boost provides you with a host of vitamins and minerals to support your energy, immunity and the growth and maintenance of muscle mass so you can support an active lifestyle and eat well!



In a bowl combine the flour, Vanilla Greens SuperProtein powder and baking powder.

Add the mashed banana and apple cider vinegar to the mix.

Pour in enough milk to make a smooth pancake consistency.

Heat a little Coconut Oil in a pan.

Pour the mixture into the pan and cook on both sides.

Serve with some Cashew & Hazelnut Superfood Spread, a sprinkling of Superberries Breakfast Boost and some blueberries.

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